Travelling to School

Important Notification from MerseyTravel

From 4 September 2016, the 649 service (0755 am) morning bus route that serves Pensby High School, will now be a commercial journey run by Avon Buses Ltd.

The route and timetable are unaffected by the change of bus operator. However, there will be a change to fares. The Merseytravel single cash fare of 80p will be replaced with Avon Buses young person fare which is £1.20. Merseytravel young person tickets are still valid on this service including weekly/ term-time Solo passes and the daily £2 My Ticket.

Supported Bus Services - Future Contact Details

With effect from 23 November 2015 any issues/complaints regarding the Supported Bus Services must be reported to the Merseytravel Traveline team on 0151 236 7676.

For further contact details please refer to the Merseytravel website, "About us", "Contact us"

Jeanette Townson
Bus Development Manager