Time commitment

Under usual circumstances, a governor should expect to spend between 10 and 20 days a year on governing responsibilities; the top end of this commitment, which equates to about half a day a week in term time, is most relevant to the Chair and others with key roles, such as Chairs of committees. Initially, the time commitment is likely to be 10 days a year. However there may be periods when this may increase, e.g. when recruiting a headteacher.

Under Section 50 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, if a governor is employed, then they are entitled to reasonable time off to undertake public duties; this includes school governance. Reasonable time off is not defined in law, and a governor will need to negotiate with their employer how much time they will be allowed.

Expenses: Governors may receive out of pocket expenses as a result of fulfilling their role as governor in accordance with the Governors Expenses/Allowances Policy.

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To contact the clerk or members of the Governing Body, please do so through the school office either by telephone, or email to schooloffice@psf.wirral.sch.uk