STEM Christmas Lecture at Chester University

Materials for the 21st Century

On Wednesday 14Dec we took this term’s year 9 and 10 Science Stars out of lessons to attend a special event at Thornton Science Park (part of Chester University)

Mark Miodownik (do you recognise him from Dara O Brien’s Science Club on TV?) presented a really thought provoking lecture about many of the materials that we rely on every day.  For example, have you ever thought where you would be     without glass? No spectacles, no microscopes to discover sources of disease, no telescopes to help understand the place of the Earth in the world.

He then went on to discuss what material science is being developed at the moment eg growing replacement organs using stem cells.  A challenge was set for all the students for the future – cattle and the gases they emit are seriously adding to global warming, so how can we develop a way of making a beef burger without a cow?  There are massive problems for the students of today to deal with in the future and research into new materials and processes will definitely hold some of the answers – maybe a student from Pensby will play their part in this development?



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