Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form students must adhere to a dress code that reflects the responsibilities that Sixth Form students have as role models for younger students and as senior representatives of Pensby High School. The dress code is defined as ‘smart, office wear’.

Young men at Pensby 6th Form wear a suit, with a shirt and tie and smart shoes.

Young women at Pensby 6th Form wear tailored trousers / skirt with a blouse or T-shirt with sleeves and smart shoes or boots. A jumper or smart jacket can be worn as appropriate. Clothing should not expose too much flesh and should not have slogans or pictures. Shorts, ¾ length trousers, denim jeans and ‘hoodies’ are not acceptable. Jewellery, makeup and hairstyles should not be extreme. As mature students we know that you understand the importance of setting a good example.

Tracksuits and sportswear are suitable for PE and sports activities, but students should change back into normal clothing at the end of the lesson.

School Bags

Each student will need a strong, suitably sized, waterproof bag to carry books to and from school.  This should be clearly named and of MEDIUM size. These bags should be strong enough to ensure that the contents are not damaged.  Large bags are a nuisance and could be a danger when students are moving around school.   All students will need the following equipment: black pens, pencils, a ruler, a rubber, coloured pencils, compass, and protractor at all times.


Subtle make up is allowed. Students will be required to remove excessive make-up immediately during school.

Due to health and safety considerations in practical based subjects it is inappropriate for students to have excessively long artificial nails.

Earrings and Piercings

  • Small stud earrings are allowed 

Hair colouring and styles

  • Hair colour should be of a natural shade. If fashion colours are applied in leisure time they should be able to be washed out before coming into school.
  • Very striking or extreme hair colouring is not acceptable for school. Very bright colouring such as red, pink, green, blue etc. are not allowed and neither is dyed multi-colouring of hair.