Poetry Performance Day – Thursday 28th September

IMG_0018Poetry Performance Day – Thursday 28th September

For National Poetry Day the Library hosted a Poetry Performance. Miss Wright asked members of staff to volunteer their time to read their favourite poem aloud during lunchtime. Thank you to Mrs Rowles, Mrs Teare, Mr Prescott, Mr Jones, Mrs Gauntlett, Mrs Hinch, Mrs Hall and Mr Davies. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. I asked Lili Dufley of 8SPL what she enjoyed the most….

What did you enjoy about Poetry Performance Day?

I enjoyed creating my own poem and expressing my feelings about being freeIMG_0028

What poem did you enjoy the most and why?

I enjoyed Mrs Hall’s poem because it made me giggle a lot and made my day.

The library itself was transformed into a Poetry Station – students sat around the round tables and joined in with our current poetry competition with the theme of ‘Freedom’. Students were asked, ‘What does Freedom mean to you?’ and some of their responses have been inspiring. The competition closes on October 20th with the winner being revealed after Half Term.?

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