Pastoral Care

Students at Pensby High School are well cared for by a dedicated pastoral support team. Their primary needs are met on a daily basis by the form tutor. However, a Head of Learning also monitors progress and is there to offer support when required. A team of Progress mentors also support the pastoral team. The pastoral team make it a priority to get to know girls, boys and staff individually and to support with academic progress and provide emotional support when required. This begins during transitional visits at students’ primary schools and a handover of information occurs when a student moves up to a new Head of Year.

We believe that there should be strong communication links between home and school. We encourage parents to contact us sooner rather than later when they identify a problem or have a query. We also like to be kept informed about any changes to home situations which may adversely affect student wellbeing and academic progress. The first port of call in such circumstances is the Head of Learning:

Head of Learning for Year 7 – Mrs J Holmes

Head of Learning for Years 8 & 9 – Mr M Berry

Head of Learning for Years 10 & 11 – Miss J Coyne

Head of 6th Form – Mr M Prescott

The school has a dedicated Student Support Centre (SSC) where students who have been identified as needing additional support for social, emotional or academic issues receive small group of 1:1 attention. Mrs Price has oversight of this area.

We also have an Inclusion Unit where a very small minority of students who have failed to keep to the school code of conduct may spend time out of lessons to reflect on the consequences of their actions whilst keeping up to date with classwork.

The school Behaviour Policy is available through a link on this site. This outlines in detail our expectations of students, rewards and sanctions.

There is an expectation that students will engage in the wider life of the school. There is a full programme of extra-curricular trips and many opportunities for trips out as part of the curriculum.