Partner 2 - Wirral Schools Games Programme

Woring with our community

In order to maximise the sporting opportunities for our pupils, we work with a number of groups and outside agencies. Such groups share the same objectives and vision of facilitating leadership and competitive opportunities for our young people. This enables us to maximise resources through collaborative work with local primary schools. Between the hours of 4.00pm and 6.00pm tournaments, competitions and events are delivered some which are supported and facilitated by the Wirral School Games Programme and through which we also provide competitive opportunities for our pupils. This programme also provides competitive opportunities for children across the key stages and many primary schools engage in competition within a range of sports. We also provide our aspiring sports leaders access to leadership opportunities so to give them the experience and knowledge to enhance and extend their learning as well as their life skills, confidence and self- esteem. We also work with national governing bodies of sport and specialist coaches to provide high quality enrichment provision.