Our History

Pensby High School was created on 1 September 2015, but the school does a long tradition and has served its community for over 60 years.  Pensby and the surrounding towns of Heswall, Greasby, Thingwall and Irby saw a rapid increase in their populations after the second world war and by the early 1950s it was clear that a growing student population needed new secondary schools.

Pensby High School for Girls was the first school completed and actually opened as a mixed school as there was no corresponding Boys school.  The area around these new schools was still at the time a rural farming community and the two schools were built in a distinct area away from existing housing, however, new homes appeared rapidly throughout the 1950s and 60s and the school was soon surrounded as it is today by these houses.  For as long as it has existed the Pensby Schools have proudly served the families from the local area.

Both schools maintained very separate identities and followed very separate pathways, but as the area has developed many of those existing families have grown up and the need for two schools in the local area became less apparent.  The governing bodies of the two schools initially federated the sixth form over 20 years ago and then the body of the two schools federated in May 2010 it soon became apparent that to maintain the very best of both schools whilst building jointly would be better served as one school and the Governors took the decision to become Pensby High School in 2015.

The shared ethos and culture are encapsulated by our vision to provide the very best of non-selective education to all students in our community.

2016 finds the school secure in its future, informed by its history and embracing of the present.