Money / Valuables

All belongings, including clothing, should be clearly marked with your child's name.

Students are asked not to bring expensive mobile phones, portable music or game players into school. If they decide to they are brought into school at their own risk. Students who choose to bring these items into school must be aware that they will be confiscated if seen anytime during the school day. Parents and students must be aware that the student is responsible for the security of these items at all times.

Limiting money and valuables

You should encourage your child to bring only a limited amount of money to school.  Any money brought into school remains the responsibility of the student.


Every student is offered a locker when they start in Year 7. There is a ‘one off’ charge of £15.00 which includes a £5 deposit which will be returned when the key is given in at the end of Year 11. Your child/ward will be given a locker and a key that will be they for the five years of compulsory education. At the end of each year the lockers are cleaned and repaired (if necessary). Students should not write on or in their lockers.

It will be your child’s responsibility to keep their key safe and to always bring it to school. If they lose the key a replacement can be purchase from school at a cost of £4.50. Lockers are extremely useful for storing PE kit, coats, mobile phones, books etc.

We do have a key loan system which allows the student to borrow their key for a short amount of time, i.e. a student has left their locker key at home but has PE and needs to get their kit.

They can come to reception and give in something that is of value to them which will be returned once they have brought the key back at the end of the lesson.

Lost Property

Please make sure all your uniform, PE kit and other items are clearly named. If you do lose clothing and it is found, it will be kept in the large basket under the stairs in the main entrance hall. If you lose any other item, it will be kept behind reception.

If the item is named, it will be returned to the pupil.

All unclaimed clothing will be given to charity at the end of each term.