Kathryn Evans

IMG_0130Kathryn Evans – Author Visit to the Library 6th October

Popular teenage author Kathryn Evans came to visit Pensby on Friday 6th October to deliver some Creative Writing Workshops. She did 1 hour sessions for Years 8,9,10 & 11 and she certainly had some inventive techniques to inspire our students!

Kathryn said again and again how wonderful and imaginative our students were and that we are such a friendly school.

Josh Caslin from 8SPL was lucky enough to attend one of the sessions…

What tips did Kathryn have about writing a story?

Kathryn said you either have to plot the story or write it on the spot.

What fun activities did you do with Kathryn?

We chose an item out of a bag and we had to write about what we thought it was and where it came from. We also had to put a sheet of paper on top of heads and draw whatever Kathryn told us to.

What types of basic storyline are there?

Some of the basic storylines are comedy or romance or a plot twist because they are all in most books.IMG_0101

Did you learn something new from Kathryn’s writing workshop?

I learnt how to write something descriptive about an item. First you have to think about what the item is and then you have to describe where it came from and who owns it

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