John Betjeman Poetry Writing

JB IMAGE 3The John Betjamen Poetry Prize is a National Competition open to 10-13 year olds. This year's theme was 'Place' and in library lessons we focused on the very moving This is the Place by Manchester Poet Tony Walsh. It inspired a lot of our students to write about their favourite place - whether that was a holiday destination, a local landmark, their bed or even a favourite memory. We sent our entries off in July and over the summer we received the happyJB IMAGE 2 news that FOUR of our Pensby students made it to the final Top 50 in the whole country. They are going to be published in the Betjamen Poetry Prize Anthology for 2017 and it will be illustrated by former Children's Laureate Chris Riddell. Well done to Robert Testo, Lucy Halder, Emily Pitkin and Ethan Ryan!

The anthology is available to buy from for £3.50 + £1.00 postage

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