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DfE 2016 Performance Tables

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Pensby High School DfE 2016 Performance Tables

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Exam Information

Mrs Caroline Fildes, the Examinations Officer is responsible for administering all exam arrangements and for the oversight of students during exams, under direct responsibility from the Headteacher

There is a team of external invigilators who will be present at all times during exams.

The Awarding Organisations set down strict criteria for the conduct of exams which must be followed, and the school is required to follow them precisely.

It is the schools policy to enter every student who is being taught a subject, for the most appropriate level of exam. 

Dates of exams are rigidly fixed by the Awarding Organisations and are put on our websites but very occasionally exams can be subject to change.  Parents/carers must not take holidays during term time and must be aware of summer exam dates before booking holidays.

Pupils will receive a statement of entry before the actual exams, indicating the subjects they are being entered for and the levels of entry (foundation/higher - where applicable) and are asked to check very carefully that these are correct.  Pupils must check that all personal details (date of birth, spelling of names) are accurate as these will appear on certificates. Pupils must use their full, legally recognised name on examination entries. If there are any errors or problems they should see the Exams Officer straight away.

Pupils will receive their exam timetable with dates, times, rooms and seat numbers before the Easter holidays.

Certificates are delivered to school during November. We keep certificates for 3 years from their date of issue. After this date an application has to be made to the exam boards for replacement certificates for which there is a charge. See the different awarding body websites below for more information.




There is a lot more detailed information about exams in the booklet below which ALL Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils have been issued with.

Exam Information Guidance and Advice

Printable Revision Planner

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Exam Timetable Summer 2017