Bringing Theatre to Life

Bringing Theatre to Life

Macbeth 2017 263Year 11 are enjoying preparing for their English Literature exams by working with a professional theatre company, ManActCo, who visited on Wednesday 1 and are returning on 28th March with two exciting productions of Macbeth and An Inspector Calls, respectively. 

The entire year group will watch two live performances and take part in question and answer sessions where they will be investigating the themes, characters and performance styles for both plays, to help them gain greater insight for their own responses.

One student said, 'The performance was great, I was surprised at how the witches were brought to life on stage - it wasn't what I was expecting at all! It has really helped me to understand the meaning behind the script.'

The students have been working hard, revising and this fun afternoon of theatre was an enjoyable experience for them all.

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