Attendance and Leave of Absence

At Pensby High School we know that absence from school can impact on your child’s:

  • Chance to make the expected level of progress
  • Opportunity to get good results in examinations.
  • Adult life opportunities for employment and earnings.

In order to support your child to have good attendance we have a range of strategies including:

On-going analysis of percentage attendance, if their attendance falls to:

95% - 100% Form Tutor
90% - 94.9% Head of Learning
Below 90% Educational Social Worker & Assistant Headteacher for Key stage

Your child will meet with a member of the pastoral team for their Key Stage in order to discuss barriers to attendance and to set targets for improvement.

Your child will meet with a member of the pastoral team for their Key Stage in order to discuss barriers to attendance and to set targets for improvement.


Punctuality will be closely monitored.

Lates to morning registration

3 lates in 1 term will result in a 30 minute lunch detention in the Inclusion Unit.

Any more lates will result in a 1 hour pastoral detention after school. Increasing lates will result in an escalation to SLT detention which is on a Friday night until 5pm.

If your child arrives late after 9:30am they will receive a ‘U’ mark, which is an unauthorised absence.

If your child receives 10 unauthorised absences code ‘U’ then this will lead to a fixed penalty notice fine for each parent/carer.

Help your child

  • Try to make sure they go to bed at a reasonable time.
  • Get him/her up early enough to get ready and travel to school.
  • Every effort should be made to arrange appointments outside school hours, if this is not possible please bring your child into school before the appointment and return them afterwards.

Medical appointments

If an absence is known in advance such as a medical appointment written notice and permission must be sought. A written note detailing the time the pupil will be collected from school and by whom, together with a copy of the appointment card/letter is required. (Unavoidable absences not known in advance may be authorised with a written note and a copy of the appointment card/letter when pupil returns to school and no later than 5 days after absence).

No pupil in KS3 or KS4 will be allowed to leave the school premises unless accompanied by a known adult.

We recognise that sometimes absence is unavoidable, but when a student’s absence falls below 95% it gives us concern.

Remember to ring:

Always contact us if your child is going to be absent from school.

1ST Day of Absence

Phone school absence line on 0151 342 0570 or email with reason (‘unwell’ is not sufficient information) before 9:30am. If no notification is received a truancy call will be sent.

Each subsequent day a truancy call will be sent unless we know specifically when the pupil will return. 

A letter explaining the absence must also be received by school no later than 5 days after their return. If no written letter/email is received the absence will be unauthorised.

It is the responsibility of the parent to send into school medical notes/letters explaining absences.

Please be aware that if your child’s attendance falls below 90%, absences will not be authorised without a formal medical note from a GP. Please be aware that 20 unauthorised sessions may result in a fixed penalty notice being issued which is £60 per parent/per child paid within 21 days or £120 if paid after this time but within 28 days.

Leave of Absence Request

Leave of Absence forms can be downloaded and are also available at the school reception or the main office. A form must be completed and agreed before the absence takes place at least 1 school week in advance for this to be processed. Generally holiday requests will not be granted.

Overview of Absence Procedures

Please see below pdf file for overview of absence procedures: